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small wildlife pond

Small Wildlife Pond

A small wildlife pond offers numerous benefits for the local ecosystem. It serves as a vital water source for various species, attracting a diverse range of wildlife and promoting biodiversity. Additionally, it provides a habitat for aquatic plants and insects, contributing to the overall health and balance of the surrounding environment. With its ability to…

Large wildlife pond

Large Wildlife Pond Build

The plan for this large wildlife pond in Cornwall was to turn a previously excavated area into a lined wildlife pond which can also be used in the summer for swimming in. Work began by brining in a digger to create shelves, dig pads (for the platoon and bridge) and dig out areas for plumbing.…

Projects 1

Leaking Pond Refurbishment

Installing new pond liner to a leaking pond is one of our main jobs as pond experts. From poorly installed liners to damage from animals or people sometime a repair is possible but in this instance a new liner and general refurbishment was needed. As you can see the water lost combined with a poor…

Projects 2

Wildlife pond and wildflower meadow

We had the pleasure of working from a blank canvas for this project and given the brief of creating a large wildlife heaven. To the right would be a large wildlife pond including plenty of space for plants, a waterfall and pebble beach to allow easy access for wildlife. To the left the grass would…


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