Large wildlife pond

Large Wildlife Pond Build


Large Wildlife Pond Build

The plan for this large wildlife pond in Cornwall was to turn a previously excavated area into a lined wildlife pond which can also be used in the summer for swimming in.

Work began by brining in a digger to create shelves, dig pads (for the platoon and bridge) and dig out areas for plumbing. The dogs were a great help!

Once we was happy with the dug out area the underlay and EPDM liner was installed.
We then began building the internal retaining wall and surrounding landscape for what would be the planted area. The bases for the platoon and bridge was also installed.

Once mature the plants in this pond will deal with a large amount of the filtration but efficient filtration is also import especially to aide solid waste removal. For this we installed 2 x Evolution Aqua K1 Micro Bead Filters 2 x Evolution Aqua Vari pumps and a Evolution Aqua Evo UV.

pond filters

Large Wildlife Pond Build 9
A tired surprisingly comfy pup after a good days work on the long journey home.

Update to follow in 2024 once plants are established!


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