small wildlife pond

Small Wildlife Pond


Small Wildlife Pond

A small wildlife pond offers numerous benefits for the local ecosystem. It serves as a vital water source for various species, attracting a diverse range of wildlife and promoting biodiversity. Additionally, it provides a habitat for aquatic plants and insects, contributing to the overall health and balance of the surrounding environment. With its ability to support and sustain a variety of organisms, a small wildlife pond is an invaluable asset in preserving and enhancing natural habitats.

Building A Small Wildlife Pond

We often receive enquiries regarding building small wildlife ponds so thought we would supply some extra pictures of a recent pond completed.

Keeping a wildlife Pond Healthy

Up to 80% of out inland water sources are deemed unhealthy. It is important that a healthy balance is created. We understand sometimes people wish to no have electric running to their ponds such as the above pond so creating a healthy plant bed for plants to help export waste is important. In time the entire back area will mature into a plant bed and lilies will reach up from the deeper area as well.

We would encourage people to have some for of water movement and filtration where possible for optimum results.


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