modern koi pond construction

Winter Garden Koi Pond

A stylish koi pond.


Winter Garden Koi Pond

The Winter Garden Koi Pond, named so due to being within the house offering a glimpse of warmer times during the colder months.

Viewable from a bathroom, office, corridor and front door this is one of the sleekest ponds around.

We fibreglassed this pond for the best possible finish. Prior to the fibreglass G4 was applied to stabilise the render.

Winter Garden Koi Pond 1

A separate “plant room” area was built for the filter and pumps to be hidden away under decking. The area is covered prior the fibreglass installation.

Winter Garden Koi Pond 2

A stylish trough was build for the return of water once filtered.

Upon a plinth sits this amazing sculpture custom built for the pond. An Automatic feeder was supplied so that the client does not have to worry about feeding especially when they are away.

koi pond with  a sculpture in it
pond trough with blade waterfall

The filteration consists of an Oase drum. ultra violet and biological filter. It also has an Evolution Aqua Tempest Filter on the surface skimmer line.

We return to this pond weekly to keep and eye on the fish and carry out maintenance.


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