fibreglass pond installation

Fibreglass Pond Installation

From Koi ponds to bespoke features.


Our Fibreglass pond installation service for Devon and Cornwall, provides you with pond expert tradesmen who are highly skilled in all things fibreglass.

This can prove very important when it comes to considering many other aspects of a koi pond, such as plumbing (for circulation) and hardware (such as bottom drains) and surface skimmers.

Fibreglass for a pond is a great choice. It is extremely hard wearing and – once cured – much stronger than alternatives.

It allows for a superior finish to liner avoiding creases. This can be particularly useful for sealing around plinths and steps.

There is the option to have a colour of your choice for the top coat that is applied over the fiberglass. Often we go with black but greys, blues and greens are all available.

Perfect Conditions For Fibreglass Pond Installation

A good surface for fibreglass pond installation is extremely important.

Insulation boards are popular due to their insulating properties which will help keep your pond warmer in the colder months. They are also nice and flat for the fibreglass to be applied to.

Render is perfectly fine, but it must be to a high standard and fully dried before fibre-glassing can take place, a stabilising coat of G4 is also required.

Covering the pond is a good idea and during the actual fibreglass process, vital.

It must be dry for fibreglass to be applied. It cannot be too cold (<10 degrees) and not too hot!

It must be protected from direct sun light as well. This is all to ensure a finish to the highest standard possible. Once fully cured, it is as hard as nails!

If you are just looking for a premade pond we can supply and install any such as one from the bermuda fibreglass pond range.

Fibreglass Pond Installation koi pond

Fibreglass FAQ’s

Are fiberglass ponds good?

Yes! Simply put, they are the elite amongst ponds, but are not always a viable option and do cost more.

Is fiberglass safe for fish ponds?

Yes, as long as it has cured and been cleaned it is perfectly safe.

How do I fiberglass a pond?

You contact us! If you do want to give it a go, there are fibreglass pond kits available online. There are plenty of videos out there, but be warned it is a messy and frustrating process and requires a lot of skill, things can also go wrong quite quickly!

How much does it cost to fiberglass a koi pond?

There are many variables that can effect the price. A good guide price is between £130-£200 per a square metre for materials and services.

Can fibreglass be repaired?

Yes, if there is an isolated area of damage – such as a leak – then a repair is likely possible.

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