Wildlife pond and wildflower meadow


Wildlife pond and wildflower meadow

We had the pleasure of working from a blank canvas for this project and given the brief of creating a large wildlife heaven.

Wildlife pond and wildflower meadow 1

To the right would be a large wildlife pond including plenty of space for plants, a waterfall and pebble beach to allow easy access for wildlife.

To the left the grass would be removed whilst we had the digger onsite. It would then be rotavated before wild flower seed was sown.

Wildlife pond and wildflower meadow 2

Planted beds were added to the back and side of the pond for aquatic plants to be planted into. We used 7 tons of natural slate from a local quarry to match rock in place elsewhere onsite.

Soil from the pond was used to create a raised bank.

Wildlife pond and wildflower meadow 3

Most of what is visible here will be submerged offering plenty of areas for amphibians and insects.

We recently returned to carry out some routine maintenance and had the chance to take some photos of how it has matured.

Wildlife has truly made the area their home. Pollinators covered the wildflower, newts were visible amongst the aquatic plants and dragonfly flew around carrying out their breeding rituals.

Wildlife pond and wildflower meadow 8

We also added more plants and can’t wait to see it again once they have grown more.


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