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Waterfall Installation

We can add to your existing pond or create a brand new feature.


Our waterfall installation service is ideal for established ponds, or if you are are looking for a stand alone feature where you don’t necessarily need a pond.

Water features are a guaranteed talking point to any indoor or outdoor space. We have the know-how to install a feature which is aesthetically pleasing, providing sound, light and movement, whilst avoiding common pitfalls such as water loss and inadequate flow.

A waterfall feature is also a great way of increasing dissolved oxygen levels in a pond which is great for fish health, filtration and other animals living in and around your pond. Birds also love to splash around in the moving water.

We specialise in bespoke pieces, whether you have something more classical or contemporary in mind, however extravagant, we’ll be able to help.

Natural Waterfall Installation

We can install ready-to-go self contained units or we can make stand-alone, pondless waterfalls. We can also create elaborate, decadent waterfalls with meandering streams. The possibilities are endless.

Formal blade waterfalls are proving popular for koi ponds. They can be built into a wall or fence. They can be plumbed into a return from your filter, or set up individually on their own pump. In the picture below, a trough was used to add another dimension to the pond.

Formal Waterfall Installation

blade waterfall from trough
Waterfall Installation 2

Waterfall FAQ’s

How do you install a pond waterfall?

It really depends on what type of waterfall you would like. For most natural waterfalls soil and rock are used to build up a raised area. For new pond builds, it is a good way of using up some of the soil excavated. We can always buy in some local top soil if needed though.

Can you add a waterfall to an existing pond?

Yes. We can usually add a waterfall to you existing pond. Please send us some pictures of your pond so we can discuss things further.

How much does a waterfall cost?

The cost to install a waterfall will vary depending on the job, prices begin at £1000.00 for materials and labour. Larger and more intricate designs would be more.

Waterfall Installation 3

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