large pond

Large Pond Build

A large pond build with streams, waterfalls and a wild flower meadow.


Large Pond Build

This large pond build is our largest to date! At 30mx22m, with a depth of up to 1.7m in some areas, the overall volume comes in at over 300,000 litres! That doesn’t include the 35m stream, cascading into 3 smaller ponds before returning to the main large pond! So vast is the main body of water, that it also functions as a swimming pond/pool for the family.

Completed in spring 2020 at an amazing (award winning), home near Yelverton, Devon; this was a great pond to work on.

Expert groundsmen did a great job of the initial excavation. Shaping the pond to the clients design.

Large pond build
Large Pond Build 1

We had a nice wide shelf dug in for lots of future planting. Plumbing was put in place for the bottom drains that would be fitted to the liner to remove waste from the pond.

A Large Pond Liner..

As you can imagine a large pond liner was needed for this.

After the underlay and bottom drains were installed it took a large digger and team of installers to get the main liner into place.

Copious amounts of granite and bogwood were used to aquascape this large pond.

Once most of the main pond was nearing completion, we commenced work on the smaller ponds and stream.

We used pebbles, bogwood and granite throughout.

A mixture of marginal and deep water plants was added. More vegetation will follow as the project continues to mature…

This large pond is mainly to attract wildlife to the property. It didn’t take long for a plethora of insects, newts and toad spawn to appear.

We added native fish such as Sticklebacks, Rudd and Tench.

To help keep the large pond clean we are using a Oase drum filter, Evolution Aqua Nexus, and lots of UV clarification. More Nexus filters will be added if needed depending on future fish stock, but at the moment with all the plants and surface area it has kept very clear.

3 Evolution Aqua 30,000 lph vari pumps are in use for circulation. These can be controlled at the touch of a button to turn the flow rate up or down.

This project was exhilarating to work on and our client is incredibly happy with their pond, which is now a wildlife filled, show stopping focal feature of the property. We are back here weekly for ongoing maintenance.

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