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Pond Equipment Installation and Maintenance

We can help you with water feature and pond equipment installation and maintenance.


We can help you with any water feature or pond equipment installation and maintenance requirements you may have.

There is an abundance of aquatic equipment on the market and it can be mind boggling knowing how to install products, optimise them or fix issues with them when they arise.

We can help you choose and then supply what ever you may need then get things up and running in the correct manor.

The longevity of some equipment can be increased by general routine maintenance, this can be maintenance we complete for you, on a schedule devised to suit you, or a routine we teach you in order for you to do it yourself.

The equipment needed for successful fish keeping often involves many parts. All of which we are able to obtain from our trusted suppliers. Sometimes parts are faulty, or perishable, and need to be replaced.

We can come to you and assess your equipment, with any luck pin-pointing any problems and sourcing any replacement parts for you, meaning you don’t have to buy a whole new piece of equipment, this is both a win for you and for the environment, as we strive to keep things working as energy efficiently as possible and reduce waste.

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Find out how we can help you, by speaking to one of our pond specialists today.


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