Who we are


We at Specialist Aquatic Solutions have cumulatively spent many years working in and around the aquarium trade, starting out as keen young hobbyists and further progressing into relevant higher education. Between us we are highly qualified with National Diplomas in Fish Management and degrees in Marine Biology BSc (Hons) and Sustainable Aquaculture Systems MSc (Hons), giving us a substantial background of applicable knowledge to draw on.


Professionally we have a wide range of skills gleaned in various aquatics based industries; management in aquatic retail; working as Biologists and Divers in a large renowned and reputable public aquarium; fish farming: and pond and aquarium design, installation and maintenance.

Fish Crazy

Perhaps most importantly, we love what we do and wish to pass on the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm that we have in creating a living piece of art and seeing it nurtured and flourish for all to enjoy.

The Team

James – Director

James has spent the past 11 years working in the aquatics trade; starting at the prestigious Sparsholt College and specialising in Fish Management (Ornamental).  During this time, experience was gained throughout the field through numerous public aquariums and fish farms, as well as the state of the art National Aquatic Training Centre on site. This course is recognised internationally as an in depth qualification in fish behaviour and biology, water quality, elasmobranchs, fish health and more. On leaving college, he was appointed as Manager of a Maidenhead Aquatics store. After 5 more years of practical hands on experience – particularly in marine aquariums – he was offered the role of Biologist and Diver at the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth. Here, he was heavily involved in the largest ever import of live fish into the UK, the first ever breeding and rearing of eagle rays, Green Mandarin and French Grunts in the UK and the care of the largest aquarium in the country. Now he is using his experience from the aquaculture, retail and public aquarium trade to offer design, installation, maintenance and other aquatic services for the private sector, be it for a business venture or a labour of love in the home.

Nick – Director

Nick has an extensive range of knowledge and qualifications that he has accumulated within the past 13 years of his involvement in the aquatic field. Firstly graduating Plymouth University – renowned for Marine Sciences programmes – with a Degree in Marine biology and a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Aquaculture. These courses are in high demand as they provide sound biological, environmental, behavioural and ecological knowledge, with further specialism in sustainability, integrated aquaponics and water quality and fish health in recirculating systems. All this combined with a passion for all things aquatic from a young age he was soon in the employ of the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth, gaining 7 years’ experience as a Biologist and Diver. A wide range of aquatic care ranging from multiple tropical reef tanks to the specifics of maintaining a chilled Giant Pacific Octopus exhibit. Further skills gained include treatment and post mortem examination of a variety of species from large elasmobranchs to smaller teleosts, extensive PVC plumbing and pipework skills and a number of breeding projects. He is now bringing all these aspects together to provide clients with exclusive and quality aquatic services through SAS Aquatics.

Adam – Senior Biologist

Adam has a long impressive history in the Aquatics trade. Graduating from Plymouth University with a degree in Marine Biology he soon found himself running the SeaQuarium, Weston-super-Mare. After a period of 3 years he then moved to the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth as a Biologist and Diver for a further 3 years. Here he cared for the largest native marine aquarium in the country. Adam now works as a Fisheries Enforcement officer for IFCA whilst – of course – carrying out work for us when required.

Below – Adam posing with a 6ft Central America Cichlid aquarium. This was taken after the completion of a successful aquarium house move from Cornwall to London so we’ll forgive his funny face.

Senior Marine Biologist