What we do


Every project is unique. We try to accommodate this fact by encouraging our clients to use their own creative zeal and visualise their ideas. We combine this with our own expertise and conceptions to create the best result possible. We feel collaboration is key. We can of course lead the design stage too if the client feels this is more appropriate.


Regardless of pond, water feature or aquarium, the process of creating the agreed upon designs is managed throughout to ensure client satisfaction. This is our priority and follows a detailed planning process in which we incorporate both the clients desires and the surrounding environment, whilst generating a thriving ecosystem within. All systems will be carefully matured and only then will suitable livestock be added that complements both the aesthetics and client preferences. Custom aquariums and ponds can be specified to fit most spaces, not just standard sizes.


Our maintenance contracts are tailored to individual clientele. They be a stand alone service or part of an aftercare package following the installation of pond, aquarium or water feature. Maintenance includes equipment servicing as well as display cleaning. We recognise every client has differing requirements and the service will be designed to suit. Regardless of a busy lifestyle, we wish our clients to enjoy their chosen aquatic centrepieces to their full potential.


Whether its a breakout of disease or designing an aquarium to fit in a large unusual space, we enjoy using our skills to create the desired outcome. Routine fish health checks or your most ambitious aquatic dream realised and established, we always deliver a quality service. Full reports on pond or aquarium systems can be provided highlighting any inherent issues and/or suggestions of treatments. We can provide a further educational service where we can train and advise on pond and aquarium maintenance and ongoing care.

Other Services

We can cater to any of your aquatic needs, so please don’t be afraid to contact us. Even if it seems as though it may be something unrelated to our business; we are here to help. Other services we offer include: house moves for aquariums and ponds, holiday care, refurbishments and much more. Take a look at a small selection of some of our past jobs here.