Raised Wooden Pond With A Waterfall


Raised Wooden Pond With A Waterfall Constuction

We was recently asked to complete a raised wooden pond with a waterfall. The timber frame was finished of with feather board and insulated. Inside, ply was used which then had fiberglass applied.

Fiberglass was used in this pond as due to the shape of the pond it would have been difficult to keep creases out of liner. We used 450g strand and a layer of tissue followed by black top coat. Fiber glass is also very strong adding strength to the structure.

timber clad pondslate coping tiles for pons

Raised wooden ponds are a great idea if you are unable to dig down anywhere and they look great. It is worth remembering that they will be more exposed to the elements so adding some insulation is a good idea.

Around the edge of the pond slate tiles were used. they was sourced locally from Mill Hill Quarry. Natural slate was used to decorate the far side and create a waterfall. Small plants where planted to provide some greenery.

2 x Twin outdoor electric sockets were installed to provide power to the pump and filter.

An Evolution Aqua Eazypod Complete was installed. This includes an airpump and UV Clarifier

easypod boxed in

The Completed Raised Wooden Pond With A Waterfall Ready For Fish!

Raised Wooden Pond With A Waterfall