Pond Refurbishment On The Edge of Plymouth, Devon

Pond Refurbishment Consultation

In mid May- on a day indicative of a sunny British spring time- our team received a call enquiring after our services; namely, whether we could offer some advice and (potentially) a pond refurbishment service. The clients pond had been installed some years previously, as an anniversary gift. Unfortunately, the design and initial installation turned out to be somewhat below par.

Before – The Pond Report

A member of the team made a site visit to complete a pond report.  During this, the pond was surveyed and recommendations discussed.

The pond is raised with natural stone work; it has a small preformed waterfall, fed from a pressurised filter and submersible pump. Stock includes 22 mixed goldfish and a smattering of common frogs. The pressurised filter was, as we often see sticking out like a soar thumb with a plant pot strategically placed on top in an effort to hide it.

As part of the service, we dug out a hole and partially sank it. This does not affect the filter at all, but does hide 80% of it from view. The brickwork and surrounding rock lacked a certain finesse; we discussed adding copping stones to the original brickwork. These stones help disguise the liner and improve the general appearance of the pond.

More About The Pond

The pond dimensions were as follows: (Metres) – Length 2.7 X Width 1.0 X Depth 0.7 with a potential volume of up to 1890 litres (416 gallons) but due to the poor initial laying of the pond liner, it was closer to 900 litres (198 gallons).

The original build was hastily done and the liner had suffered as a result- with punctures and subsequent leaks. This meant that the water level was far below the top of the pond. There was less water for the fish and it left some of the liner exposed, which negatively impacted on the overall look of the pond. The installer had tried to fix the issues, but ultimately failed.

The options

We discussed different options to fix the pond including further repairs, sealing the concrete with G4, fibreglass or installing a new liner. We recommended the greenseal EPDM pond liner option, due to it being the quickest, easiest and most cost effective solution which suited the customers needs accordingly. The clients where very happy with the report and estimate and asked us to carry out the pond refurbishment work.

 During The Pond Refurbishment

The team began by tentatively removing the fish and plants. All inhabitants of the pond were kept safe in a holding tank, whilst the work was carried out.


The fish were kept happy and healthy with plenty of plants for cover and an air pump to ensure good oxygen levels were sustained in the hot weather.

The existing pond water was drained, while sludge and sediment was pumped to a nearby flowerbed; we then carried out an inspection of the liner. As you can see, the installer had attempted numerous fixes when informed by the client that the pond was leaking- certainly not something you would expect from a new pond.

Some areas of the liner were pulled taut. As well as creating unnecessary strain on the liner, it also prevented pond plants from sitting flat on the shelf.

Fortunately for you, we don’t have pictures of the next stage (as we’re sure nobody wants to see our bare feet!).  We shed our socks and shoes to lay the new liner purchased from our local Maidenhead Aquatics @ Crownhill and added water.

Part of the process is to start refilling slowly, this isn’t to take a break and cool down, as the water level rises, it is important to ease the creases out of the liner, so that the pressure from the water holds the liner in place. The initial installer had clearly not done this,. By spending the extra time we were rewarded with a much smoother finish.

Once the liner was successfully in place, the team began adding rock work and using some creative zeal to achieve the desired effect, we then installed the copping stones. The pond plants were also re-potted, providing them with extra space to grow and varying the display.

After – A Happy Customer! Completed Pond Refurbishment!

Pond Refurbishment

The clients were delighted with the outcome. They said –  “We are very happy and this is what we wanted from the beginning!”

Pond Refurbishment is a regular request we receive, with enquiries to either update, repair or (sometimes) replace an old problem pond. To learn more about our pond services please click here.