Wildlife Pond Extension Liskeard Cornwall

A pond extension to replace an old leaking pond

We received an enquiry asking about our pond services regarding a leaking pond in Liskeard. The customer was also interested in extending their pond. They has seen our recent wildlife pond build and where impressed. After a site visit which included a pond report we recommended widening the pond and moving the rockery. The client was enthusiastic about our ideas and booked us in to carry out the pond extension.

The Pond

As mentioned the pond was loosing water, this was due to a leaking pond liner and also leaking plumbing. The water lilies had also become unruly. These issues combined resulted in a bit of an eyesore rather than a feature. We soon got to work on removing plants and draining the pond.

Extending The Pond

pond extension

Once the old liner was removed we got to work digging! The width of the pond was increased and the marginal shelves where extended to create a larger area to place plants.

The new epdm pond liner was put into place and water added to work the creases out.

Completed Pond Extension

The rockery at the front was moved to the back and right hand side of the pond. It was replaced with gravel and alpine plants opening the pond up to the rest of the garden.

We were very happy with the customers feedback:

“I am absolutely thrilled with what you have done.  It looks amazing and even with 300 hours of my time, I would never have done such a good job!  Thank you both very much.”