Green Water Pond Despair In Newton Abbot

A Green Water Pond In Need Of Some Cleaning

Green water in garden pond’s is enough to put anybody off. It is in fact algae suspended in the water. It can become a issue if water quality is poor and filtration is not optimal and can detract from the beauty of a garden pond. Pond maintenance is a job we often carry out.

Lets get rid of that green water!

We have the tools to make light work of emptying the pond of dirty water. This allows us to clean the pond thoroughly.

green water pond

The animals come first

Any animals in the pond such as fish, frogs and newts are housed safely in one of our our holding tank with plants and and air pump to keep the safe and happy whilst work on the pond is carried out.

pond plants and fish

Clear Pond Water Once More!

Equipment checks and maintenance. The Hozelock pump and filter where serviced and the UV bulb was replaced. Having a well maintained pond pump means optimum flow is supplied to the filter which means cleaner water. We also cut down dome of the hose to improve the cosmetics.

garden pond

Another good job done!

sas truck