Pond Maintenance – Fountain and Filter Installation – Pond lilies gone wrong!

 Pond maintenance and subsequent upgrade, for an old pond in Plymouth, Devon.

That Typical Garden Pond

Pond cleaning is something that is often neglected.  A home owner that had recently purchased a property and acquired a concrete pond in the garden, contacted us enquiring on what to do.  The garden pond had been a bit neglected for the past 20 years or so!

We completed a report outlining areas of concern and recommended action. This included a full drain down and clean, re-potting of the lilies and installation of a pump and filter.

old pond

Pond Or Bog Garden!?

There was only around half an inch of water above the thick matt of filth and Lilly root. Pond Lillie’s can be a great addition, but require attention- such as pruning and re-potting- to contain them, else they can spread and cause chaos.

Pond lilies taken over garden pond

Life Will Fine A Way…

The pond was home to many newts; far more than usual for a body of water that size. The reason there were so many was due to their inability to climb out. There numbers where dangerously high; newts like to have access in and out of ponds to hunt for food and move to other aquatic areas. We carefully caught the newts and kept them in a large holding tank whilst maintenance took place.

Pond Treasure In An Old Pond!

It’s funny what treasures you can find at the bottom of a pond… The hoard from this one included lots of rocks, a terracotta pot (once home to some daffodils), a toy car (missing it’s front wheels!) one squash ball, two golf balls and a gardening folk in surprisingly good condition.

Garden pond treasure

The team got stuck in to remove the lily mass was then dredged the sludge that had built up. All the rocks found were built into a corner to allow easy access in and out for wildlife such as frogs and newts.


We potted some of the water lilies and added fertiliser sticks. Once they have settled back in will be looking better then ever, but will be contained to their baskets. We have recommended the addition of some marginal pond plants to add some diversity such as iris’s.



Setting A Pond Up As It Should Be

We added a small water fountain- to create some flow and to help prevent the water from stagnating- along with a filter and UV classifier, which will keep this old pond much cleaner in the future. The filter requires some maintenance itself – the foam pads which remove solid waste will become blocked in time and the UV bulb should be replaced at least once a year. These are all chores we can assist with.


There was no power available outside, so we installed an outdoor power socket, fed by armoured cable from the house. This has also given the home owner a much easier option for using a lawnmower or other electrical devices.


A note from the client – “The old pond  is running well and looking good.  I shall let it settle in before I look for more plants.  Thanks for your hard work with the clearing out.”

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