A Leaking Pond in Paignton, Devon

A Leaking Pond…

A leaking pond in a house you have just moved into, is not what you want!

We received an enquiry from a customer who had just this issue; he was having to fill his garden pond up daily, as it was loosing so much water and putting his fish at risk. We made a site visit to provide a pond report. This gave an overview of the entire pond set up and an insight into fish health.

With very little water for the fish to swim in – due to overgrown plants and the aforementioned leak – the pond report outlined the recommended works to replace the pond liner and install a new pump and filter.

Sometimes we can repair pond leaks with patches but in this case to liner had degraded beyond repair.

leaking pond

Clearing  Overgrown Pond Plants

Left to their own devices, pond plants had become out of control, monopolising the space. Regular pruning and re-potting is key and a service we routinely carry out.

We removed and discarded a large amount of plant growth then re potted those that where to be kept. We use special baskets designed for ponds. They allow the plants to have good contact with the water so that they can remove nutrients from the water.

removing overgrown pond plants

Heavy Lifting Time

The slate and concrete surrounding the pond were removed, in preparation for the new liner to be installed. Concrete was chipped off the slate so that it could be reused.

removing pond stones

Installing Pond Liner

New pond liner was unpacked and fitted, while taking care to make sure no unnecessary pressure was applied in the process – which we often find leads to leaks in the first place! Furthermore, the customer’s new pump and filter were also installed.

fitting new pond liner

We added the freshly potted plants and the coping stones were concreted back into place. As a result of our extensive work, the pond now holds much more water, giving the fish and plants much more space. The newly installed pump and filter will keep the water clean.

Now the home owner can stop worrying above the pond drying up!

new pond

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old pondnew pond plants