new pond

Wildlife Pond Extension Liskeard Cornwall

A pond extension to replace an old leaking pond We received an enquiry asking about our pond services regarding a leaking pond in Liskeard. The customer was also interested in extending their pond. They has seen our recent wildlife… Read More

wildlife pond builder

Dartmoor Wildlife Pond Installation

A Wildlife Pond Is A Great Idea This client was particular in their requirements for the design, installation and on going maintenance for a pond in their medium sized garden; a small but attractive wildlife pond construction, integrated small stream… Read More

green water

Green Water Pond Despair In Newton Abbot

A Green Water Pond In Need Of Some Cleaning Green water in garden pond’s is enough to put anybody off. It is in fact algae suspended in the water. It can become a issue if water quality is… Read More

pond work

A Leaking Pond in Paignton, Devon

A Leaking Pond… A leaking pond in a house you have just moved into, is not what you want! We received an enquiry from a customer who had just this issue; he was having to fill his garden… Read More

Pond Refurbishment

Pond Refurbishment On The Edge of Plymouth, Devon

Pond Refurbishment Consultation In mid May- on a day indicative of a sunny British spring time- our team received a call enquiring after our services; namely, whether we could offer some advice and (potentially) a pond refurbishment service…. Read More

Concrete garden ponds with pond lilies, pump and filter

Pond Maintenance – Fountain and Filter Installation – Pond lilies gone wrong!

 Pond maintenance and subsequent upgrade, for an old pond in Plymouth, Devon. That Typical Garden Pond Pond cleaning is something that is often neglected.  A home owner that had recently purchased a property and acquired a concrete pond… Read More

Jayne’s At Princetown – Tropical Planted Community Aquarium

The Fish Tank We recently refurbished and installed a fish tank for Jayne’s Cafe in Princetown. The Juwel aquarium is 4 ft by 1 ft by 1 ft, with a built in internal filter and T5 fluorescent bulbs…. Read More