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Pond Volume Calculator.

We are often asked ‘how do you calculate the volume of a pond?’ Our pond volume calculator is here to help! Not only is it interesting to know how much water is in your pond, but knowing the volume of your pond can be important for a number of reasons.

How Can Our Pond Volume Calculator Help You Decide What Fish You Can Keep?

When choosing what fish you would like to keep, one of the most important things to think about is what size they can and should grow to.

There are different types of fish for sale at your local fish shop  and some of them will be way too big for certain ponds. Amazingly, some of the fish readily available to hobbyists can reach sizes of well over a metre.

To give you an idea, most smaller pond fish like goldfish and roach require a pond of at least 800 litres. Medium fish (such as tench) would need at least tipple the volume. Koi carp need at leas 5000 litres preferably more and starlets double that again. Remember filtration which includes a pump and some form of filter is vital when keeping fish in your pond. With out it there is a high risk of having poorly fish and even moralities.

If you would like to talk to us more about having the correct aquarium supplied and installed you can read more about our pond services here.

How To Dose A Pond Treatment?

Sometimes fish diseases or parasites can take hold quickly in a pond; if left untreated it can lead to disaster. There are many pond treatments available. For most of them it is important to know your pond volume to accurately and successfully carry out the treatment, so be sure to use our pond volume calculator.

Remember, fish health checks is a service we are highly qualified for, having spent a large amount of our time as marine biologists in public aquariums. Please feel free to get in contact if you would like us to visit you and help take care of your fish.

What is the best size pond?

Most of the time we would say as big as possible. Ponds are addictive and 9 times out of 10 you are going to want to upgrade, so you may as well skip a step and concentrate on your grand design.

This isn’t the only reason for a large pond. With more water comes stability. Think of it this way. If you drop the same amount of food into a 100 litre pond and a 1000 litre pond, that food is going to “pollute” the smaller pond more. More space for your fish will often result in happier fish as well. There are many amazing fish available that you just shouldn’t keep in small ponds. We are able to supply and install custom built ponds this means we can maximise the area you have available, thus giving you that extra space. Have a play with our pond volume calculator to see how it could effect you.

We did say most the time we would say as big as possible! If space is at a premium, stunning ponds are still possible.

pond builder new wildlife pond

How To Work Out How Much Water Is In Your Pond

Our pond volume calculator works great on a mobile as well as a computer. If you aren’t able to use it for some reason, then this is how you can can calculate how much water is in your pond yourself.

length x width x depth x 1000 this gives you the volume in litres (measured in meter) for gallons x 4.45.

pond volume calculator