One of the most popular requests we have is for our pond maintenance service. It can be a bit of a daunting task without the knowledge and tools needed at hand. We are here to make it as simple as picking up the phone and dialling 0800 037 1125.

Specialist Aquatic Solutions Pond Maintenance Service

Pond Cleaning ServicePond lilies taken over garden pond

There are lots of useful products available to help keep your pond looking its best. They can help keep things like blanket weed and duck weed at bay, clump solids together to get crystal clear water and more. Regular maintenance is best though and is vital for the welfare of the animals living in your pond and that extra special look. Stability is one of the most important things for all things aquatic, so a little bit of maintenance on a regular basis is best.

Regular Pond Maintenance Services Include;


Is Your Pond A Bit Too Dirty?

Sometimes a more thorough clean is needed that can include an entire drain down.

We have lots of specialist equipment including holding tanks. During a Pond Maintenance Service these are used forĀ  fish if they need to be removed from the pond whilst work is carried out. Air pumps, to ensure oxygen levels are kept safe during the work. Separate holding tanks are used for newts and other animals such as dragon fly larvae. Great care is taken to ensure all the wildlife is handled carefully and returned to their home safely.

We use a large purpose built Oase pond vacuum to remove solid waste and dirty water. The waste can be pumped into planted boarders, on a vegetable plot or simply down the drain. The sludge and dirty water is high in nutrients and a very good organic fertiliser that can contribute to healthy strong plants!

Time For Your Pets To Sit Back And Relax..

holding tank for fish during Pond Maintenance Service

When the pond has been cleaned and filled back up, the fish are re-acclimatised by slowly adding the new pond water to the their holding tank. This avoids shocking them as in some cases the water chemistry will be quite different to what they had become used to.

Doing Things Right!

We use a tap safe product which removes chlorine from the tap water, making it safe for animals. This is very important as chlorine/chloride can be very harmful, damaging gills and other sensitive areas of fish and amphibians. It works instantly and should always be used when topping up with tap water. Of course where possible rain water from water butts is a good way of using less tap water.

tap safe for ponds

Other than looking much better, a clean pond is better for fish and wildlife. Poor water quality will put frogs, newts and insects off of your pond if it resembles a swamp more than a sanctuary!

Filters Are Your Friends!

Good filtration is important especially when you have fish. Filtration will help remove solid waste from the water and have a high surface area for good bacteria that will help sustain good water quality. Most filters will also have a UV classifier (not to be confused with a UV steriliser). As long as it is the correct size and has the correct flow, then it will stop your water from going green in the summer.

wildlife pond

You can read more about our pond Pond Maintenance Service and more such as design, build and refurbishments here.

Our aquarium and pond services are based in the South West. Dartmoor is home. Most of our work is carried out in Devon and Cornwall but we are happy to travel further afield when needed.

So, if your looking for a Pond Maintenance Service please get in contact to see how we can help.