Looking for a pond builder that really understands the technical side of designing a pond with high quality filtration? Or the necessitates of a wildlife pond? We are experts in life support systems, water quality and fish health. Combine this with a team of experienced tradesmen we believe we are the best choice for building your new pond or extending/rebuilding an existing pond.

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Pond Builder Services

Custom bespoke design, setup, maintenance, refurbishment, construction and consultancy to the highest standard. Provided as a complete package or separate entities. No matter the specific demands of the client, our specialist services aim to turn their visions into a reality at you home or business.

We have an in depth understanding of our clients needs for a quality service and as such offer a range that suit your needs.

Old Or New Large Or Small

Whether you have an existing pond or water feature that requires maintenance or would like to have  one installed, we can offer:

Leave it all to us

Digging your pond, supplying liner, filters, pumps and any other equipment needed are all included as part of the service. We love to create all types of water gardens, whether your dream is a crystal clear raised koi pond or a wildlife sanctuary to blend in to and enhance the biodiversity of your garden, we can be on hand to create the best aquatic solution. Learn more about what we do and who we are.

We are often asked “how much to build a pond”. The answer is a tough one. We work to hourly rate to avoid any confusion as you can never be sure what you will find. That being said as an estimate most pond build projects come in at around £2-3 per a gallon + filtration costs.

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Professional Pond Builder


wildlife pond builder


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