House Moves

Moving House with a Fish Tank Or A Pond?

That period of moving house is stressful enough without the added worry of ‘what do we do about moving house with the fish?!’ We can help alleviate that stress by providing a aquarium and pond stock removal service.

Our House Moving Service

We offer a unique and tailored aquatic assistance with our expertise in transporting delicate and sensitive organisms; reducing the likelihood of any damage to them, their home or yourselves. We have experience in moving freshwater and marine livestock, both tropical and temperate, along with many different shapes and sizes of aquariums.

Extra Benefits

Other aquatic services are included. We also take the opportunity to ensure your set up is running as efficiently as possible – this will involve performing some general maintenance, a livestock health check and any tips and recommendations we may have, thus guaranteeing your newly re-homed aquatic set up is settled, vibrant and healthy.

We have a great relationship with suppliers of fish keeping goods which can be of great benefit and will bring bacteria products such as Evolution Aqua Pure to ensure the filtration is in optimum condition when set back up and water chemistry isn’t effected.


There is an additional charge of 0.45 p per a mile on top of our hourly rate for this service.

It would be our pleasure to move your fish tank from house to house (or elsewhere). Please let us know the details of your situation below and we will be happy to help.


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