Fish Health Checks

Fish Health In Aquariums and Ponds

Fish health can be a mine field. They can sometimes contract internal and external infections, diseases and parasites very quickly. These need to be dealt with swiftly to prevent losses and further infection of other inhabitants.


We have experience in assessing and treating many species of fish Рlarge and small; temperate and tropical; freshwater and marine, we offer to lend an expert eye to cast over your fish related worries. Your fish and setup will initially be visually assessed Рsome parasites are easily determined by eye or by behavioural cues. Sometimes there can be an inherent issue with the set up itself that has a contributing factor. This is followed by the relevant water chemistry analysis. NH3 (ammonia); NO2 (nitrite); NO3 (nitrate); PO4 (phosphate) pH and KH (carbonate hardeness) are all part of the invisible but important chemistry that affects the aquatic environment. If deemed necessary, non-harmful skin scrapes can be taken to more accurately determine potential parasites under a microscope.

Fish Deaths

Diseases can act fast, particularly in confined aquatic environments. If you are losing fish in your aquarium or pond and require our assistance it is important to arrange a visit as soon as possible. We are able to carry out extensive post-mortem examinations on fish as long as we have access to a fresh body. All team members are skilled in dissections. To increase the chances of a successful and informative autopsy every minute matters.

dissecting kit fish deathfish health


After the assessment we can then carry out or suggest any necessary medical treatments and/or explain how you yourself can respond to any identified issues. In many cases treatments are easily obtainable, though for more specialist treatments we have the expertise to source more specific prescription drugs from veterinarians.

A full report on your entire aquatic set up is supplied with this service and other services can also be supplied at the same time.

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