Equipment Checks and Maintenance

Aquarium and Pond Equipment

The equipment market is vast and without it, we wouldn’t have half as much success in the fish keeping hobby maintaining our aquatic displays. Though what a pain it can be! From pumps not pumping water, to UV units not clearing the water – and don’t get us started on CO2! With each revolution comes a new hurdle we must overcome!

General Maintenance of Aquatic Equipment

Sometimes, a problem can be fixed or improved upon with some general routine maintenance; certain equipment can be tricky to install with hard to understand instructions. ‘Trade secrets’ can make all the difference. Of course – as well as completing maintenance on your behalf – we are happy to teach you all you need to know. Or, we can schedule routine visits (personalised for your specific needs) to ease the workload. Good maintenance can make a real difference with longevity and performance.

Replacing Faulty Or Worn Parts

Perishable parts can be annoying, but unavoidable. Pin-pointing the problem part and sourcing a replacement can drive some people to buying a brand replacement. In the name of being environmentally friendly and reducing waste, we would always recommend refurbishing items where possible. The saying ‘ they don’t make things like they used to’ can indeed be applicable sometimes! Therefore, if you’re particularly fond of your light unit, pumps or filter, you don’t necessarily need to go looking for an entire replacement too soon!


Supplying and Installing Replacement Equipment

We are able to source almost anything, whether it’s from a supplier of our own or one of the local fish keeping stores that we regularly frequent. Let us take the stress of this, off your hands.

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